Elemis Skincare

Our Treatment Philosophy

Every treatment begins with the breath. It is energising, cleansing, healing breath that touches every skin cell, every muscle and every miraculous part of the body. It is breath that forms the first step in effective age maintenance. And our breath is as unique as our fingerprint. 

The expertise of the Elemis therapist ensures that every treatment is prescribed to your need. That day. That minute. A healing hub where touch and technology are turbo charged by the power of minerals, plants and active natural fragrances. At Manor Farm Spa we offer a selection of Elemis facials and massages to suit everyone’s need

“All the treatments I develop are designed to support great skin health; to respect that skin is alive. No two skins are the same. And no two bodies are the same shape. Every spa therapy is shaped and moulded around you. Personalised for a results-driven, couture experience. ELEMIS pushes the boundaries. We push to develop those unique textures, ground-breaking formulations and conduct clinical trials to confirm what we already know; that we’re delivering real results. There are no shortcuts and there are no gimmicks.“ 

Noella Gabriel – Co-Founder and Creator of ELEMIS Therapies